Test Valley Borough Council

Website Development

Countryscape developed an online version of the Test Valley Community Landscape Project report, in accordance with e-Government standards. The resulting website spans over 200 pages and includes an interactive map, providing a convenient and engaging means of accessing information. The site was built to reflect the corporate identity of the Borough Council, while maintaining consistency with the graphical style of the printed report. Visitors are able to download individual sections of the report in print-ready, Adobe PDF format.

Presentation Tools

Countryscape has produced a range of presentation tools for the Test Valley Community Landscape Project, including PowerPoint presentations and custom-made thematic maps: notably large-format, printed maps for use in consultation with local communities.

Landscape Character Assessment Report

Countryscape developed both a draft summary of the Test Valley Landscape Character Assessment (for use in consultation with local stakeholders), as well as the final version of the report, produced in four separate volumes.