Sense of Place

Working with people’s ‘sense of place’ – that is: understanding the characteristics of places and the ways in which these are experienced and valued by people – is at the heart of our business.

We are experts at helping stakeholders to recognise and communicate the unique qualities of their landscapes, and to use this local knowledge for a range of practical purposes, including:

  • Community consultation and involvement in landscape assessment and planning: clearly identifying what people value and what gives a place its character and identity
  • Improving the branding and communications strategies of tourism destinations, by using sense of place to develop communications that are meaningful to visitors, maximise an area’s special qualities and help destinations stand apart from their competitors
  • Adding value to local economies, particularly tourism and local products, by helping businesses to incorporate a sense of place in their own marketing, publicity and customer services
  • Providing inspiration and drive for interpretation and education projects
  • Strengthening local communities by helping people to connect with, take pride in and celebrate their local landscapes

We have over eight years experience in working with the concept of sense of place in both urban and rural settings, during which time we have built up a wealth of knowledge and good practice.

We also contribute to academic research into sense of place and share our expertise through publications and by hosting and speaking at events.

Visit our portfolio for examples of sense of place projects we have undertaken.