West Pennine Moors

Healey Nab Mountain Bike Trails

Countryscape produced a range of publicity materials to help promote Healey Nab Mountain Bike Trails: two challenging routes through mixed woodland (one red grade, one black) that were created by volunteers from the local biking community using funding from Lancashire County Council, assisted by professional trail designer and rider, Rowan Sorell.

This work involved developing a promotional trail leaflet, a trail map and a microsite within the existing West Pennine Moors website. The microsite provides a video of the trails (copyright-free audio sourced by Countryscape); information on safety and trail grading; an interactive map of the area; a photo gallery; a directory of local businesses and more.

This work was undertaken with the involvement of local mountain bikers through a series of facilitated meetings and other consultation.

For more information visit the West Pennine Moors website.

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