National Trust

Lyme Park

Lyme Park is one of the National Trust's flagship estates in the North of England, comprising an extensive deer park and country house (famous for being the backdrop to the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice). Countryscape has provided a wide range of services to Lyme Park with the aim of refreshing the estate's visitor offer and cementing its reputation as a nationally-renowned tourist destination. This work has included:

  • Producing a range of signage and interpretive displays for both indoor and outdoor use. Examples include exhibitions for the National Portrait Gallery and restored Victorian Library; event banners; various outdoor materials providing information on features of interest; as well as welcome displays giving details of the estate’s opening times, admission fees and attractions.
  • Design and print of publications, including a Garden Guide and an updated menu for the restaurant. The various publications have been produced in accordance with the National Trust brand guidelines and printed using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper stock.
  • Development of educational materials for young people, including an interpretive scrapbook for the children's Nursery, which tells the story of a child living at Lyme Park during the early 1900s in fun and engaging ways.
  • Development of a brand identity for Crow Wood adventure playground, comprising a logo, a T-shirt design and various branded materials, including signage and interpretation suitable for children.
  • Design and production of branded merchandise, including a Lyme Park umbrella using the slogan: "Mr Darcy got wet at Lyme Park but I'm keeping dry"!

Client Feedback

We have established a very comfortable working relationship with Countryscape - to the point where as a client we can speak in shorthand to them and they know exactly what is required. Always enthusiastic, highly creative and consistently able to deliver high standards of the finished product, they are a pleasure to work with and have made a valuable contribution to how we communicate with visitors. From umbrellas to garden guides, welcome boards to signage; all done with great style yet within the National Trust brand guidelines and appropriate for a historic setting. For a property that was in great need of updating and improving its presentation, Countryscape have delivered. (David Morgan, General Manager, Lyme Park, 2011)