Anti-Nazi League

Brand Development

Anti-Nazi League - Brand Development

The Anti-Nazi League (ANL) was a broad-based mass organisation dedicated to halting the growth of far-right political groups. The organisation merged into Unite Against Fascism in 2003 (although Anti-Nazi League Ireland continues under the original name).

Countryscape volunteered its services to the ANL as part of the organisation's Love Music Hate Racism campaign, which followed in the tradition of anti-nazi music movements started by Rock Against Racism in the 1970s. This work involved designing an alternative Love Music Hate Racism logo, intended for use on flyers, posters, t-shirts and other fundraising merchandise.

Client Feedback

We are very grateful for the voluntary work carried out by Countryscape in designing a new logo for our campaign. Love Music Hate Racism is driven by the good will and determination of ordinary people, so it's great to have support from a company that's prepared to put its money where its mouth is! There is clearly a great deal of creativity, energy and compassion within the Countryscape camp, which comes across in both the quality of their work and their understanding of the issues involved. The new logo design does well to capture the spirit and history of our campaign, and has generated a wealth of positive feedback from our supporters. Congratulations on a job well done! - Lee Billingham, Anti-Nazi League