About Us

About Us

Countryscape is a multi-disciplinary consultancy, combining expertise in design and communication, events and consultation, mapping, landscape and place-making.

The company was established in 2002 by a group of like-minded people, all of whom share a passion for the natural and cultural landscape. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and accessible service, which includes design and communication, events and consultation, mapping, landscape and place-making.

Our team comprises people from diverse backgrounds, each with their own specialist skills, experience and professional interests. For example: our designers and copywriters have many years of experience in communicating to both public and professional audiences; our event managers are practised at running workshops and conferences, as well as community events; our cartographers and mapping experts are renowned as pioneers in their field; while our landscape team has produced award-winning research and guidance within the UK and overseas.

Together, our combined expertise enables us to take on complex projects and create solutions ‘all under one roof’ – an added value that helps us to forge long-standing relationships with our clients. In cases where additional expertise is required, we have access to a network of trusted associates, all of whom are renowned specialists in their fields.

We are committed to being an ethical company and are proactive in minimising our impact on the environment – a way of working that extends to the products and services we offer to clients (see our Company Policies for more information).

In addition, we aim to offer best value by ensuring that our services are competitively priced, well-managed and delivered to a high standard, on time and within budget.

Understanding people’s ‘sense of place’ and their relationship with the environment is at the core of our business. We firmly believe that the aim of sustainable development is rooted in people’s understanding and ownership of the places that matter to them, and in bringing together the wide range of skills and knowledge required to manage all places sustainably. Our role in helping achieve this aim is to provide the communication skills and environmental knowledge necessary to help people work together, make better decisions, publicise their actions and ultimately create better places for this and future generations.

Welcome to Countryscape, where ideas take shape.

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